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Self Teaching Tutorials

Here we have Self Teaching Tutorials to get you started. There is to much to fit onto this page so we compiled a spreadsheet to download and save for use at your leisure.

The folowing are all available on the downloads:

  • How to make a note
  • Self Teaching Tutorial - C Major
  • Self Teaching Tutorial - G Major
  • Music scale & a little theory
  • Music - Jingle Bells
  • The Scales for the current First Flute Range
  • You can play any tune on any one of the First Flutes. The examples...
  • Transposing made easy for the C and G Flute
  • Finger positioning on the First Flute
  • Care and Maintenance of your Flute
  • Website links concerning Flutes

Just click here to download (excel spreadsheet 760KB)

Click here for Finger positioning on the First Flute (excel spreadsheet 81KB)