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For Spa, Hotel, resort owners:

Marketing Pitch

Your customers have come to your Spa or Get-away to experience a different environment, check out their balance on their health, de-stress, re-evaluate their values and generally re-charge their batteries before they return to the Rat Race and undo your good work except for the memory of your establishment. And it’s the memory of your place that counts the most because you want them to come back for more.

Customer's, who have experienced value from you, will want a memento to remind them of you. You want them to remember you so that they can return to you again and soon. Besides, your establishment has taken your customers away from their normal consumer environment for a day or more and they are itching to satisfy their spending urges on something tangible. Most of you realise this and have a shop on your premises selling something relevant to your establishment that will allow them to take home something of yours to compensate them from having to return to work on Monday. You would be selling items that are unique, not easy to find in the Cities. The products you sell may stretch from Herbal remedies, bath salts, religious Icons, indigenous plants, vegetarian recipe books, bags, cosmetics, magic muti to whatever.

If you do not run a shop, then don't bother to read this any further.
If you do run a shop then please consider the following proposal. I firmly believe that a First Flute
would be a winning addition to your shop for the following reasons:

  • It will make you money
  • It is unique, first of its kind.
  • It is whimsical and functional at the same time
  • It could fit very well into your establishment or methodology
  • It can be packaged incorporating your logo or marketing message. This leads to the promotion of your establishment.
  • It may lead to expansion of your current range of activities.
  • It's recommended retail price of R295 is well priced, but you can add any premium to it you like.

The Product

  • Entirely conceived and made in South Africa
  • Made from high precision Aluminium extruded tubing, machined to an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm. So it will always play beautifully in key.
  • Fully tested by musicians and acoustical equipment and found to be totally accurate with every note in two octaves. The tone and pitch have been highly complimented.
  • I believe that the Matt Black anodised flute will mix well with your establishment above the other colours that are available ( Electric Blue, Matt Silver, Gold) because of its silky touch, smoothness and my market research to date.
  • Each flute comes with a seven page self teaching tutorial designed for people who have never played a musical instrument before. There is also a finger chart.
  • Each Flute is laser engraved with the First Flute Brand. There is place on the Flute for your logo or marketing message. (It does not matter how complicated it is. If you can print it legibly on paper, we can print it on the flute.)
  • I believe that the Key of C Major is ideal for novices, you may disagree if you have had musical training. If so, the First Flute range currently includes the following Major Keys:
    Dflat, C, B, Bflat, A, Aflat, G.
  • The flute also comes with a beautiful velvet bag (Maroon, black, Dark Blue or Hunter's Green)
  • This flute will not corrode, tarnish, split, break, go out of key. It will last a lifetime.
  • The Label of the packaging can incorporate your Logo and Marketing message.

Are you interested? Then the next step is:

You will want to see it for yourself, and test it.

Step 1 Please write to me (Richard Harrison) at the following e-mail address:
  Please indicate that you will buy one Black Anodised C Flute for R295.
Step 2 As soon as your money has cleared I will despatch a First Flute to you aswell as e-mail
  you the tracking number.
Step 3 You receive the Flute and test it out. If you find that this is a product that you would like
  to have in your shop, then think of what you want to do to the label and flute that will get
  your message across. If you have a preference between the Maroon, black, Dark Blue or Hunter's Green bag, we can accommodate that along with a cord colour which matches your Brand image.
Step 4 E-mail back to First flutes your requirements and we will confirm that its do-able. After
  this has been successfully negotiated, place your minimum order for 10 flutes at a cost of
  R230 plus 100% of the postage charge. The cost of engraving on the flute (within reasonable
  limitations) and the additions to the Label will be at an extra cost of R20.
Step 5 We will send you an invoice. You deposit the money into the First Flutes account.
Step 6 We will manufacture your order within 2 weeks and despatch the Flutes to you with an
  e-mail giving you the tracking number.
Step 7 You must decide what price to sell them at. The price range should be between R295 to
  R495. Only you know what the most suitable price is for your clientele.
Step 8 We will e-mail you every 2 months to see how the Flutes are selling. If they are selling well
  then re-order immediately.
Step 9 We are confident that these flutes will sell very well in your establishment provided that you
  do your part in promoting them. If you feel you want to market test them first (without the
  additional engraving) then this will be agreeable to First Flutes. If after 8 months you have
  failed to sell 5 of them, then First Flutes will reimburse you 75% of their value on return
  provided they are unsoiled. This can only be done if the flutes do not have your engraved
  logo on them. Please be positive about this project, this product will sell in the right conditions.
  This step is only an insurance policy to give you peace of mind that if it does not fit with your
  establishment you can get most of your money back.


First Flutes believes that establishments such as yours are Flute Territory.
Pricing of R400 per flute will yield you a profit of nearly R200 or nearly 100% mark-up.
People who missed out on learning a musical instrument in their childhood will love the First Flute
as giving them a second chance. This product is initially challenging to play, but the self-teaching
tutorial will guide the customer on how to play it and teach them the basic rudiments of music too.
Like all challenges, it is immensely satisfying to have overcome it. They will easily achieve this with
this product. This product with your Logo engraved upon it will remind your customers of you and hopefully
this will get them to return to your establishment in the future. It's possible that their friends, on seeing
the flute, will visit you before they do.

The Flute sound is beautiful. You wont mind if your customers play it in your gardens.
You could make this an additional activity, to the services you already provide, by teaching them how to play it.


A simple name engraved will cost R40. A crest, brand: price is subject to volumes ordered.

Please contact Richard for your enquiries.

Thank you for your interest and it is hoped that we can have a profitable relationship together in the near future.