The Product

These flutes are made from extruded Aluminium tubing. This tubing is produced to half the normal extrusion tolerances.  The hole positions and their diameters are machined to a precision of 0.05 mm on a CNC machine. All the Flutes are hand polished.

A bag is supplied with each flute. Denim bags for schools and Bands and velvet bags for individual customers.

Benefits of an Aluminium Flute

This Flute will not corrode, rust, warp, split or break.
It will always stay in tune regardless of humidity and temperature.
This Flute will play 2 ½ octaves in perfect tune.
The Flute has been tested by professional Flautists and acoustical equipment and found to be accurate.
Its style is Irish, so the fingering is even simpler than a recorder.
The C Major flute includes a thumb hole that makes it easy for a novice to play a full octave.

Product Quality

All flutes are 100% tested for accuracy by acoustical equipment. They have been tested by Flautists and these are some of the things they’ve said:

Mr. David Milsted, Head of Woodwind at Oundle School, UK:
“Tuning is Good, very good rich sound, looks great and the overall quality is very very good.”

Mrs. Sarah Ratchford, music teacher at Oundle School, UK:
“Sound is very good, Clear and much better than the recorder which would make it more pleasant to work with. It also feels good.”

Mr. Wouter Kellerman, Artist
Wouter bought six of them when we met at the Drakensburg Boys Summer music festival.

Product Protection

All our flutes will have the FirstFlutes engraving on them that will identify the product as being legitimately produced to the highest quality by FF Flutes.

Proudly South African

These flutes are entirely made in Vereeniging, South Africa by First Flutes.

All rights belong to First Flutes.


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